About Us


      Compline Services was founded in order to bring specialized, end-to-end services to commercial businesses, NGOs, and the defense and government sectors in Afghanistan. Our founders have brought their years of experience working with international and government entities together to provide organizations expert solutions and top tier services that can help firms navigate uncertainty, mitigate losses, and ensure sustained growth in an efficient manner.

      Compline Services aims to provide organizations with trusted advisory, project, and change management support and professional services that will enable clients to optimize their performance and realize their organizational goals. The founders of Compline Services bring an 18-year track record to the industry.

      Compline Services provides a comprehensive portfolio of solutions to help businesses optimize all aspects of their organization, from logistics, procurement and legal services, to medical services, real estate, construction and much more. Our transparent approach means we work directly with clients to catalyze and implement the agreed solutions. Compline has offices in Kabul, Afghanistan, Dubai, UAE, and Richardson, Texas, USA.


To provide expertise and deliver results by providing services, managing change, and optimizing operations and growth for private and public sector entities.


To deliver exceptional solutions and services to complex challenges that create meaningful results, by means of a team of experts who are empowered by deep insights and analysis of our clients’ needs and goals.


Integrity & Transparency

Knowledge and data drives our decisions and delivers the results our clients require. Compline serves our clients by considering their success as our own.

Sincerity & Collaboration

Each of our valued clients become a crucial part of our family. We value open communication and teamwork.

Trust and Reliability

Our client’s success and satisfaction is our top priority. To this end, Compline is building long-term relationships across industries and nations, which yield lasting, credible partnerships and a reputation for reliability.

Our Work

At Compline Services we take pride in our work and seek long-term partnerships with NGOs, Government, and Private sector entities. By delivering top tier services, we ensure smooth operations and safety to your projects and manpower across the Middle East and Afghanistan.