Logistics and Procurement

Logistics, construction, & procurement in all provinces

Our Company’s established network and presence across the provinces of Afghanistan enables us to expertly provide crucial services to clients as they work in remote locations and navigate risks. To this end, we offer the following services:

We Can Do For You


Tested in the field and confident in our ability to consistently provide our clients with reliable logistical solutions.


Our team has overseen and project managed construction sites for residential, industrial, corporate and government clients from start to finish.


We follow strict measures to procure high quality goods and services on behalf of our clients, negotiating from experience and securing the best deals. We aim to cut costs and secure value for your organization.

Our Work

At Compline Services we take pride in our work and seek long-term partnerships with NGOs, Government, and Private sector entities. By delivering top tier services, we ensure smooth operations and safety to your projects and manpower across the Middle East and Afghanistan.