Medical Services

Medical Services

Providing healthcare in hard-to-reach places, including conflict zones, is particularly challenging. Our medical experts capitalize on the unprecedented technological innovation in healthcare to deliver health solutions in emergencies or in humanitarian crises.

What We Can Do For You

We do this through a number of different services, by providing:
• Western-trained and qualified doctors
• Emergency medical services and evacuation assistance
• Armored ambulance
• Doc-in-a-Box, which can be replicated in any province
• Blood and toxicology screening
• Medical checkups and screening
• An advanced healthcare facility, which is due to open this year inside Kabul’s Green Zone

Our Work

At Compline Services we take pride in our work and seek long-term partnerships with NGOs, Government, and Private sector entities. By delivering top tier services, we ensure smooth operations and safety to your projects and manpower across the Middle East and Afghanistan.