Operational Support Services

Operational Support Services

Compline Services has gained critical operational and managerial experience forged in the field. Our invaluable experience enables us to anticipate real world scenarios and variables, offer viable solutions, and on-the-spot decision making with the confidence that only comes with time. Our team comes together to provide services to increase efficiency, cut your costs, and help our clients run lean.

What We Can Do For You

Our expertise spans the complete operational requirements of organizations. We offer the following services:

Generator Sales, Installation, and Servicing: Power is an essential component of operations. Dependable and expert generator installation and maintenance is required to avoid long- and short-term power outages.

Load testing: Key to power supply, redundancy, backups and continued operations is proficient load testing of infrastructure.

Fuel Supply & Tank Installation: Sourcing and safely storing fuel is a security operational priority. Our technical acumen and attention to your unique needs enables Compline to keep your organization at work.

Property and Compound Maintenance: Maintain properties, work locations, remote sites, and camps throughout Afghanistan.

• Security 24/7: Our teams have handled 24/7 security operations with government, expats, contractors, and NGOs

Local staffing and manpower: Providing local staffing and manpower in Afghanistan using only vetted and reputable candidates

Project management

Stationary supply: Compline will provide the quality and quantity of goods to your locations as required to maintain workflow.

Our Work

At Compline Services we take pride in our work and seek long-term partnerships with NGOs, Government, and Private sector entities. By delivering top tier services, we ensure smooth operations and safety to your projects and manpower across the Middle East and Afghanistan.